Vision for Margaret Moseley Cooperative

Vision statement for being in relationship with our neighborhood:

  • Our intentional community will not be a retreat away from the world, but a way to engage more fully with it.  We strive to be good neighbors, both personally and organizationally.

  • We will build long term accountable relationships with specific neighborhood organizations.

  • We will invite our neighbors over to our home for special events and informal dinners.

  • We will create a community that is known for it’s hospitality.

  • We are also committed to showing up at neighborhood events to support the organizing and community-building work of local organizations and associations.

  • Our house seeks focused ways to work together and with our neighbors to create a more just world at the local level.

  • We are committed to ongoing learning in our neighborhood context, learning our history from elders in the community and listening to youth for their vision of the future.

  • We also learn about our own values by listening to the needs of those who have been most affected by the broken system that we are working to change.

Vision statement for raising children in community

  • We live in a consumerist culture which contributes to isolation of the individual.  Raising children in community is a solution which recognizes our interdependence within and between families.

  • We believe raising children in community offers more stability, learning, and love for our children.

  • In community, we can take better care of our bodies and souls through the connections and support we provide one another.

  • We believe children and adults benefit from close and supportive relationships with members of all generations.

2 Responses to Vision for Margaret Moseley Cooperative

  1. Anne-Marie Vaduva says:

    I fully support your vision and am so filled with hope that you are pursuing it. Please keep me in the loop. I would like to be a member of your coop. I am an environmental educator/woodlands gardener and sustainable community enthusiast and single mom of a baby boy.

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