Our Second House Core Team

Meet the folks on the Core Team planning for the second UUCC house:

Katherine JeDSC_1141nkins Djom is a mother of two sons, teaches Humanities and English as a Second Language at Boston Arts Academy, and is also a board member at Unitarian Universalist First Parish Church, Dorchester. Her other passions include working as a doula with pregnant and post-partum women and their families, and working on a variety of social justice and community development projects in her community in Boston and abroad, in Haiti and Cameroon. Katherine received a BA in International Relations and Africana Studies from Wellesley College, and a Masters in Education from University of Massachusetts. She looks forward to building a cooperative house that embraces families, reflects her neighborhood community and is filled with music.


Gamal Smith is an avid biker, father of an 11 year old, educator, and law student. He and his son are current residents of the Lucy Stone Co-op. Gamal earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and he is currently studying at Suffolk University Law School. He serves as a co-director of Transitions Camp at the Unitarian Universalist Rowe Camp and Conference Center, and he is coordinator for FUUTURE at Ferry Beach Park Association. Gamal came to Unitarian Universalism 15 years ago, and he is passionate about urban farming, cycling advocacy, and creating communities of meaning, spirit, creativity and compassion which are welcoming to families of all sizes and types.

Website-Alicia-Mooltry-250x300Alicia Rahema Mooltrey is a 9th grade English teacher at the Burke High School in Boston. She is part of the Sanctuary Boston worship community and First Parish in Dorchester. She has worked with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (and received a Boston Neighborhood Fellows award for her work at DSNI in 2010) and serves on the board of the Irish International Immigrant Center. She facilitates mental health trainings for various organizations in the community and holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College and a Masters in Education through the Boston Teacher Residency.


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