The Margaret Moseley Co-op is looking for new members for Sept 1!

Rooms are $590-$670 + food/utilities

Here’s the application!

MMC is a 16 bedroom household, divided into four floors. We share space and try to be good housemates to each other, working together to run the household.


What are the housemate responsibilities?

-Pay rent and other expenses on time

-Practice direct and open communication, including a commitment to ongoing learning of the ways race, class, and gender affect our lives and relationships.

-Respect the rules and agreements of the Cooperative

-Be a good neighbor in our wider community


Cooperative Ownership

Cooperative ownership means our houses are democratically controlled by our member-residents and are permanently removed from the speculate profit-driven marketplace.

Our house is owned by a nonprofit called “Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives.” That nonprofit is run by a board that’s elected by, and from among, the residents of our house and our sister house, Lucy Stone Co-op. Since being a member of Margaret Moseley Co-op means also being a member of it’s nonprofit owner, housemates also play a role in UUCC as we maintain these two houses and work towards expanding to more communities.


Tell me about the house?

Our house has 16 bedrooms, 3.5 kitchens, 5 other common rooms, and 4 bathrooms. It’s 6,000 sq.ft and has a small backyard.

We’re located:

.7 miles to Jackson Sq station on the orange line.

1 mile to Dudley station.

1 block from Malcolm X park.

100 feet from Horatio Harris park, which is beautiful.

1 mile from our sister co-op, Lucy Stone.