Tours for Youth and Coming of Age Groups

LSC is excited to connect to our larger UU family and would like to invite Coming of Age groups and other youth groups to visit our community for a tour, discussion, and shared meal or worship.

  • Explore UU identity and community in a non-congregational setting.
  • Learn about contemporary, urban, UU movement-building.
  • Hear the story of how young UU’s came together around a collective vision.
  • Join us for a community dinner and singing or a worship service!
  • Engage in discussion and activities that start with the life of experiences of your youth group.
        Sunday evening visits:
        6-7pm: tour and facilitated discussion & activities
        7-8pm: Community Dinner (vegetarian with vegan options)

        8-9pm: Community singing

  • Other times during weekend:
    -20 minute Tour
    -1 hour facilitated discussion & activities
    -30 minute worship service

We ask for a suggested donation of $200-280 (depending on the size of your group), which covers food costs and contributes to our social justice mission of programming and community engagement.  Every session is facilitated by two community members.  Group visits are scheduled according to the availability of facilitators, so please be in touch early!

To learn more or schedule a visit contact us at

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    Hi, I have attempted several times to send an email to the “” address and I get an error telling me the mailbox is unavailable (invalid DNS record). Is there a different address I should use? Thank you!

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