Five Year Goals for UUCC

*This page is currently under construction

Branding and Communications:

  • Create a website for Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives
  • Create a logo for UUCC
  • Maintain a database of contacts
  • Maintain regular updates to constituents
  • Develop Literature and media that tells our story
  • Maintain an archive


  • Maintain an accessible, updated manual
  • Create clear filing system and record keeping that’s secure, accessible, and transparent
  • Develop a policy about transparency

Spiritual Nourishment and Religious Identity:

  • Regular Worship
  • Shared spiritual practice of the board
  • Articulate UUCC Vision Statement
  • Articulate shared grounding in values and traditions of Unitarian Universalism
  • Strengthen relationship with Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Continue conversations about Unitarian Universalist Identity

Partners and Networks:

  • Continue to define and formalize relationships with Unitarian Universalist and Co-op organizations
  • Foster relevant institutional partnerships for UUCC and its communities

Extended Community:

  • Create a structure or title for formalized non-housemate relationships
  • Nurture multiple entry points for participation
  • Create a database of contacts

Financial Development

  • Successful refinancing of LSC
  • Build an allied lender base
  • Specific financial plan for each property
  • Clear and sustainable financial structure for multiple houses
  • Specific funding plan for each property

Skill-Building and Innovation

  • Solid growth and development of LSC (house systems and property management)
  • Support skill development of membership

Property Growth

  • Own and steward multiple properties in New England
  • Purchase one to two properties

(At the strategic planning, we came up with the category of “intentionally selected and well-supported staff,” but at our UUCC board retreat, we didn’t agree on any goals around that, except to think further about it)

Governance Structure

  • Maintain board manual
  • Increase clarity of role of board and board members
  • Formalize rights and responsibilities of membership
  • Increase capacity, efficiency, and sustainability of board
  • Write UUCC Vision Statement
  • Think intentionally about staff


  • Anti-oppression resources
  • Work towards diversity of demographics, age, family structure, race, economic status, and ethnicity by partnering with diverse communities
  • Ccultivate and initiate anti-oppressive learning and space

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