Our Vision

UUCC envisions owning multiple houses where communities of approximately 6-20 people can live intentionally and democratically, informed by Unitarian Universalist values and tradition. The world-as-it-is does not always allow us a supportive environment to relate to our economies, our food systems, our neighbors, or the earth in ways that most reflect our values. Cooperative living creates a structure and a community of mutual support for people to align their daily decisions with their values and their faith.

UUCC houses will be grounded in the values of sustainability, spiritual practice, and social change. Each UUCC community will determine the shared practices that most allow their community to live out these values.

We envision owning properties in and around the Greater Boston area and may expand outside of the New England region as we grow. We envision a diversity of people and practices in our UUCC houses, knowing that different communities will fulfill different needs for individuals and families. The shared practices of sustainability, spiritual practice, and social change may look different in each future house, but every UUCC community will challenge and support its resident members in going deeper in their personal and collective journeys. UUCC houses will be communities where students, families, retired individuals, activists, spiritual seekers, and all people seeking faith-based community grounded in Unitarian Universalism thrive.

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