Our Leadership

UUCC handles all of the business of the Lucy Stone and Margaret Moseley Cooperatives that might normally be done by a landlord.  UUCC holds the mortgage on our house, coordinates the capital improvements, and works to further our mission by building partnerships with ally organizations and growing communities of spiritual practice, sustainability, and social change. The membership of UUCC annually elects a board to offer leadership.  All residents of the houses owned by UUCC are members. We are also currently supported by an awesome administrative coordinator!

Meet our UUCC Board:


Rev. Heather Concannon is currently serving as Minister of Faith Formation at the Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn, MA. Heather was raised UU in central Massachusetts. She was a founding member and currently lives at the Lucy Stone Cooperative. She is inspired by the way communities can care for one another, play together, create beautiful music, and cook delicious food.



Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen serves in justice ministry with the Unitarian Universalist Association She joined the board of UUCC in 2010 just in time to help birth the Lucy Stone Co-op.  She is a community trustee who lives in Jamaica Plain.




Matt Meyer works professionally as an itinerant UU musician and preacher, having lead hundreds of services for UU congregations around the country.  He is a founding member and Director of Community Life at the Sanctuary Boston and was also a founding member of the Lucy Stone Cooperative and UUCC.



Fabrice Yon is skilled in the areas of communication, collaboration, and organization. He has been a part of the UUCC community since 2014. Fabrice was a core team member and is a founding housemate of the Margaret Moseley Cooperative. Fabrice is great in crisis situations, and has a knack for remaining even-keeled and focusing on whatever needs to be done.

Meet our UUCC Staff:


Lisa Pilat joined us in November as a part-time bookkeeper. She has been a bookkeeper and building manager for Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain for 9 years and has worked for other churches and nonprofits during that time. Before bookkeeping, she worked at Filene’s Department stores at a Sr. Divisional Sales Manager for 13 years. She currently lives in Dedham with her three children.




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